“Awe: I marvel at the scope and depth of Pulse Emitter’s solo synth performances. Daryl Groetsch stuffs each of his sessions to bursting with intricately interlocked leads, glistening analog textures, and slowly evolving harmonic structures. His work bridges the gap between deliberate kosmiche arrangements and ecstatic improvisation, and remains the drone/noise underground’s most vibrant connection to the New Age movement of the previous century.” – Tiny Mix Tapes

“Everything comes together to create a contemplative mood where anything in the stellar sphere seems within reach. When it comes to composing for an array of synthesizers, Groetsch has few peers.” – Secret Decoder

“Portland synthesist Pulse Emitter, né Daryl Groetsch, has been churning out delicately expanding and contracting drone compositions since he started the project in 2002, parsing out each composition on sheet music first and then summoning them to life via a combination of synth programming and MIDI-sequencing. “Cosmic” is a word that gets tacked onto his music a lot, but pieces like “Europa,” a track from his forthcoming Crater Lake LP, boast an underlying melodic deliberateness that makes it hard to peg him for just another ’70s German Kosmische revivalist.” – The Fader

“What’s remarkable here is the inherently resonant effect of Groetsch’s music. Certainly, the experience is open to interpretation and will draw a different response from each listener, but there’s something about Groetsch’s music that’s intuitively “tuned in” to humanity’s timeless relationship with the transmundane; a metaphysical exploration of the universe and being through music.” – End Hits

“Sometimes we may feel as if we are not listening to music but rather experiencing an elemental encounter with sound and space – as Pulse Emitter creates rippling shifts in the air and continues to disrupt presumptions.” – Star’s End

“Daryl Groetsch’s recordings under the Pulse Emitter moniker embody the modern musical equivalent of a chemist in the laboratory, gradually refining his practice over the course of innumerable combinatory permutations and experiments. His catalog encompasses drifting electronic space-outs, baroque webs of synth harmony, even the occasional detour into noise abstraction. Groetsch ties all these strains together with the simple (call it “comforting”) presence of his human body inside a fortress of hardware, breathing sessions to life in an organic process of hands-on-knobs tinkering, improvisation, and transcribed composition.” – Tiny mix tapes

“If you haven’t yet heard his pulse emissions, these are smooth, slow and sensuous passages of tinkling, droning hypnotic synth kosmische new age peace tones … Groetsch constructs steady and patient soundworlds out of drones which glide and rumble, sometimes accompanied by twitching, bleeping modular loops, sometimes by slow and thoughtful synth melodies. He deftly carves transportational deep space atmospheres into the air with his synth wizardry for maximum hypno-cosmic satisfaction. Synth fans will like it.” – Norman Records

“Pulse Emitter, aka Daryl Groetsch, is essentially a national treasure, having released a literal ton of music since 2004 – seriously, if you placed all the cassettes and all the vinyl ever pressed on an industrial scale, you’d probably get close to a ton. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that entering this portal, passing through this portal, and emerging on the other side of this portal is an experience that will transform your life in real and magnificent ways.” – Cassette Gods

“Another sad and solitary moment of your life, another new Pulse Emitter tape to elevate that moment into heavenly synth bliss at the click of a button.” – Tiny mix tapes


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